An experimental Short Film.

‘Afterglow’ is an experimental short film about a man who struggles to let go after losing the one he loves. The film was shot across Asia over much of 2013 – Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Thailand - and completed around February 2014.

‘Afterglow’ holds personal significance to me, as the first project that I worked on after an almost 3 year absence from filmmaking. As a return to the art form, I set out to focus mostly on capturing the most broad and engaging visuals I could, in order to convey the dual sense of scale and intimacy embodied by the film’s themes of love, loss and acceptance.

The music was composed by myself under the guise of my musical alter ego ‘IYO’, and was inspired by the sounds of Sigur Ros. ‘Afterglow’ ultimately serves as an homage of sorts, an ethereal and meditative tone poem inspired mostly by the films of Terrence Malick. The full film runs at a time of almost 8 minutes, but you can instead watch the short trailer above.

Written & Directed by Dillon M. Banda (Magare Banda)
Cinematography by Dillon M. Banda, Mitch Martinez & MJ Doppel
Starring Laura Larriviere & Eric Herent
Edited by Dillon M. Banda
Music by IYO
Produced by Lekker.

*Special Selection, Impressions Short Film Festival (2014)
*Official Selection, Off Courts Trouville Short Film Market (2014)
*Official Selection, Viewster Online Film festival (2014)