Dillon M. Banda (born Magare Banda) is a film director and cinematographer who has most recently won the award for ‘Best International Director’ at the 2020 Oregon Documentary Film Festival with his short documentary film Ashima, as well as being nominated for 4 Berlin Commercial Awards with the same film.

Born in Zambia, raised between Europe and Africa, and now living in Asia, Dillon brings a unique sensibility and heightened cultural sensitivity to his work. A love for analogue photography continues to hone his eye and inform the keen attention to cinematography and composition that typifies his films. His films also often blur the line between narrative and documentary, albeit with a consistently cinematic aesthetic.

Dillon studied music technology with digital arts at the University of Hull in Northern England, graduating with a B.A.(Hons). From 2014 to 2017 he served as the founder and lead creative at Lekker, the filmmaking collective headquartered in Hong Kong, and is also the co-founder of SoundChips, the place for social, cultural and critical commentary inspired by music.


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2020 Oregon Documentary Film Festival, Winner of the 'Best International Director' Award, Ashima [Short Film, 2020]

2020 Berlin Commercial Awards
, Shortlisted for the 'Cultural Impact', 'Cinematography', 'Unscripted' and 'New Generation' Awards, Ashima [Short Film, 2020]

Birmingham Southern College's Inaugural Hilltop Film Festival, Official Selection, Ashima [Short Film, 2020]

2020 Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival, Official Selection, Spirit [Short Film, 2018]

2020 Summer in the South Film Festival
, Nominated for the 'Best Documentary' Award, Spirit [Short Film, 2018]

2019 Oregon Documentary Film Festival
, Winner of the 'Best Cinematography' Award, Belong [Short Film, 2019]

2019 Independent Horror Movie Awards
, Winner of the 'Best Cinematography' and 'Best Music' Awards, Disinter [Short Film, 2019]

2020 New York Cinematography Awards, Finalist, Disinter [Short Film, 2019]

2019 Genre Celebration Festival
, Nominated for the 'Best Cinematography' and 'Best Horror Short' Awards, Disinter [Short Film, 2019]

2019 Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival, Official Selection, Disinter [Short Film, 2019]

2018 FilmBath Festival, Official Selection, Spirit [Short Film, 2018]

All Animals are Equal
, Group Exhibition, Spirit [Short Film, 2018]

Future Shorts Spring Season 2018
, Screening, Spirit [Short Film, 2018]

For Lack of a Better World
, Screening, Ghosts [Short Film, 2017]




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