"When the thing we love is gone, all that remains is an afterglow; a faint glimmer of all that we once held dear. Shot on location across South East Asia, Afterglow is a beautiful, ethereal short film about love, loss and acceptance. It is a film that asks, “how do we move on?”… Afterglow was noted for its outstanding cinematography, and has been screened as a ‘special selection’ at the 2014 Impressions Short Film Festival, an ‘official selection’ of the 2014 Viewster Online Film Festival, and an ‘official selection’ of the 2014 Off Courts Trouville short film market."

Written & Directed by Dillon M. Banda
Cinematography by Dillon M. Banda, Mitch Martinez & MJ Doppel
Starring Laura Larriviere & Eric Herent
Edited by Dillon M. Banda
Music by IYO
Produced by Lekker.

*Special Selection, Impressions Short Film Festival (2014)
*Official Selection, Off Courts Trouville Short Film Market (2014)
*Official Selection, Viewster Online Film festival (2014)