The ancient practice of numerology is anchored by the belief that a person’s life unfolds in a series of 9 year cycles, with the year 1 of each cycle being a year of initiation and beginnings, and the year 9 being a year of completion and culmination.

According to this belief, I've just completed my year 9, which is itself a year of completion and culmination. It has also been, coincidentally, 9 years since I returned to making films full time after a brief detour. And so I want to celebrate with this montage of some of my favourite work that I’ve made over this time. I call it ‘Blueprint’, based on the question borrowed from Dr Martin Luther King that anchors the piece - “what is in your life’s blueprint?”

Thank you to everyone that’s supported me and my work over the years, and to everyone that’s hired me, trusted me, championed me and contributed to the things that I’ve created. Here’s to the next 9!

- Dillon.