'Welcome' introduces Vietnam Holding, a closed-end investment fund with over US$100 million worth of assets under management, listed on the London Stock Exchange and dedicated to sustainable investments in Vietnamese equities. The fund is managed by Dynam Capital, a Guernsey based asset management company with a philosophy steeped in responsible investing, and a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. The film communicates Dynam's ethos and commitment to ESG, while inviting potential investors to consider Vietnam Holding (and by extension, Vietnam itself) as a home for their investments.

Directed by Dillon M. Banda
Written by Craig Martin
Cinematography by Dillon M. Banda
Aerial Photography by Pham Thanh Cong
1st AC Tran Van Anh Vu
2nd AC Nguyen Huang Duy
Edited by Sean Cunningham 
V.O. by Craig Martin
Production Assistance by Jenny Do
Sound design by IYO
Score by Hannah Parrott
Produced by Dillon & Co