'Hummingbird' follows Josh, a man on the run, as he embarks on a new career as an illegal muay thai fighter in order to support his family. It is a film about transformation, or more specifically about the moments before transformation, before the old becomes the new.

I wanted to make a film where we, the audience, find the character at a transitional point on his journey. We find him in the moments after some sort of transformational event has shaken up his life - and in this case, separated him from his family - but before he has fully transformed into what his new life and new circumstances demand of him.

From an audience perspective, I wanted it to feel as if we are stumbling onto his life and his story. As if we are, in essence, eavesdropping. As such, I chose not to resolve the film tidily, because even as the film ends and we cut to black, I wanted it to feel as if the character’s journey continues.

His journey continues but, as is often the case with real life, we’re no longer there to witness it.

*'Hummingbird' was shortlisted for Best Direction at The One Club for Creativity’s 101st ADC Awards,
*was a Finalist in the No Logo category at the 2022 Ciclope Asia Awards,
*was a Finalist in the No Logo category at the 2022 Ciclope Africa Awards,
*was an Official Selection of the 2022 Berlin Commercial Awards,
*and was nominated for Best International Film at the 2022 Oregon Short Film Festival.

Starring Carey James and Hoan Van Nguyen
Written and Directed by Dillon M. Banda
Cinematography by Dillon M. Banda
Edited by Sean Cunningham
Sound Design by IYO
Music by Hotel Neon
Production Assistance by Elina Teboeva, Jenny Do
Special Thanks to Rodnae Productions, Tiger Muay Thai Boxing Club, Hanoi Lens and Van Ngoc Dang
Produced by Dillon & Co

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